Fape ENGIE is a registered public service in France and is governed through a unique organizational model based on participation and solidarity.

Founding members

The founding members of Fape ENGIE are: 


A foundation open to the entire ENGIE Group

Originally limited to the Group’s gas and electric businesses, Fape ENGIE is now open to all ENGIE Group companies in France.

In future, Fape ENGIE plans to expand and include European and international subsidiaries in compliance with the local legal, fiscal and social contexts.

The governance committee

Fape ENGIE is governed by an executive committee composed of:

  • 4 permanent representatives and 4 deputies from the ENGIE Group,
  • 4 permanent representatives and 4 deputies from the trade unions (CFDT, CFE-CGC, CGT, FO),
  • 4 qualified professionals chosen from outside the ENGIE Group,
  • the secretary of the Group’s European Enterprise Committee (EEC).

Executive committee members are fully independent. They work together to define the Foundation’s strategic directions and priorities. The implementation of these priorities is overseen by the General Delegate of Fape ENGIE.

Muriel Morin, Chairman of Fape ENGIE

The executive committee is composed of the following members:

    • Catherine BARBAROUX  
    • Pascal BODIGUEL
    • Philippe BONDET-LABORIE
    • Maria Giuseppina BRUNA
    • Patricia CADOT-HARANG
    • Sylvie DERVILY-RAVÉ
    • Marie-Noëlle DUPEYRON
    • Valerie HILLEVOUAN
    • Michel JALMAIN
    • Mustapha KERKACH
    • Yves LEDOUX
    • Michel LETENDART
    • Muriel MORIN 
    • Marie-Hélène NOTIS
    • Beatrice PAUL  
    • Philippe PEYRAT
    • Denis STOKKINK
    • Philippe VIVIEN



Fape ENGIE’s efforts would not be possible without the generous support of its donors.

To raise funds, Fape ENGIE relies on a network of solidarity consisting of ENGIE Group companies and their current and former employees.

These funds come from:

  • donations from current employees, allocated through the profit sharing scheme,
  • donations from former employees,
  • companies matching employee donations.

Additionally, Fape ENGIE receives donations from other individuals and external companies that choose to support its efforts.

With the funds raised through this solidarity network, Fape ENGIE can support a number of projects promoting occupational integration.