Fondation Agir Pour l’Emploi ENGIE works to promote occupational integration and workforce re-entry for long-term job seekers and those excluded from the job market.

Supporting initiatives that promote occupational integration and job creation

Fape ENGIE brings together ENGIE Group companies and their current and future employees to support efforts intended to help job seekers and those struggling to overcome various hardships.

FapeENGIE’s initiatives focus on three key areas:

  • social and occupational integration,
  • facilitating self-employment,
  • promoting new businesses.

To promote these activities Fondation Agir Pour l’Emploi provides grants to associations, businesses, foundations and organizations that work to combat exclusion by promoting occupational integration and job creation.

Fape ENGIE carefully considers each project it supports. Our selection process ensures each project is viable and capable of offering top quality assistance to job seekers.

Supporting projects in all sectors favorable to occupational integration

Fape ENGIE supports projects in every sector with the potential to create jobs and promote occupational integration. These sectors include:

  • environment,
  • sustainability,
  • energy efficiency, 
  • park maintenance, 
  • personal and business services,
  • organic agriculture, 
  • construction, 
  • waste treatment, 
  • restaurants, 
  • community life and mediation.

Fape also supports projects that promote occupational integration for disabled workers.