Working under the auspices of Fondation de France, Fape ENGIE provides complete transparency with regard to its founders, donors and beneficiaries.

Under the auspices of Fondation de France

Fape ENGIE is overseen by Fondation de France. Fondation de France is the legal owner of Fape ENGIE and all its assets.
Fondation de France is in charge of the financial, accounting and administrative management of Fape ENGIE. It also oversees its activities.

Fondation de France handles 7 major tasks for Fape ENGIE:

  • assistance and guidance in terms of sponsorship and solidarity,
  • legal and fiscal advising,
  • receipt of resources and issuing tax receipts for donations,
  • processing financial commitments and payments,
  • keeping individual accounts certified by an external auditor,
  • transmitting copies of commitments and payment status to the founders,
  • oversight of the foundation’s activity: systematic administrative inspection of beneficiaries and control of the executive committee’s operation.

Assurances provided by Fondation de France

For Fape ENGIE’s founders, donors and beneficiaries, support from Fondation de France provides the following crucial assurances:

  • rigorous financial management, ensured by 18 financial institutions that alternate within the Board of Directors, as well as a financial committee,
  • comprehensive information concerning results and accounts,
  • detailed management accounting,
  • full compliance with the intentions of the founders,
  • complete transparency with regard to how donated funds are used.


Fondation de France

A registered public service in France, Fondation de France is a private, independent organization. Its mission is to support projects with philanthropic, educational, academic, social or cultural aims. It oversees 592 funds and foundations that manage their own charity initiatives. Fondation de France reports on its activity to the French Ministry of the Interior. A state auditor reviews the foundation’s financial status on a regular basis, while the foundation publishes its accounts every year.